The Last Time in Your Vanishing Dreams

Posted by Lenola Daily Photo On Saturday, July 04, 2009 7 comments

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7 Responses "The Last Time in Your Vanishing Dreams"

  1. brattcat says:

    Fascinating photo. Fascinating title. I don't know what I'm seeing here but it is completely engaging and intriguing.

  2. AB says:

    I think a UFO has landed in Lenola

  3. rob says:

    I'm with brattcat ! great shot!

  4. Martina says:

    Extremely nice lighting! And composition too, :-)

  5. Thérèse says:

    Lost in reality!

  6. SP says:

    Great stuff!

  7. I tripped through your photos. Wonderful, enigmatic images. - Jayne

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