Posted by Lenola Daily Photo On Wednesday, February 03, 2010 17 comments

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17 Responses "Entropy"

  1. amo questa photo. Bellissima, perfeta.

    Saluti, a dopo!

  2. brattcat says:


  3. great colours and contrast!!!! what kind of filtrer do you use for your pictures???

    saludos!! :D

  4. Birdman says:

    Love the colors here.

  5. Giorgio says:

    Ciao, grazie per la visita e complimenti per le tue foto, tutte molto belle. Non capisco che tecniche grafiche usi, ma i risultati mi piacciono molto, sia come soggetti che come colori. Saluti, Giorgio.

  6. Joe says:

    Me gusta su estilo fotográfico, felicitaciones por el blog!!
    Saludos, José

  7. thanks for the support comrades!

    @Helena, if you mean filters on the shot I simply do not use.
    What I do is to work on the vivid colours produced by my Olympus Evolt, trying to obtain a clear vision of what I was looking in the time of shot.
    In the past I used the hdr technique but I think it tends to standardize you work.
    Anyway, it's a very fluid process, never the same. Practically is a flipper in/out (photo)graphic programs :)

    ps: another point, we are two photographer managing the site (Pierrot and me).
    We have different styles(but reciprocally influenced).
    Now Pierrot is full of work, but I hope he will show something new soon!

    Peace & Freedom

  8. ...just in time! He posted a new work just now!

  9. Kaori says:

    Wow, beautiful colors!

  10. AB says:

    All is chaos

  11. Chaos Reigns


  12. Hey!!! thanks for the answer!!! i was talking of filters in photoshop!, but your answer: "Practically is a flipper in/out (photo)graphic programs", leaves it cler! :)

  13. you are welcome, Helena


  14. Beautiful picture! great abstraction!

  15. fabrizio says:

    mi piace come un soggetto apparentemente semplice può trovare il suo punto di interesse, in questo scatto il minimalismo è ai massimi livelli ma la composizione è molto gradevole anche grazie allo sfondo delicato nella composizione ma forte nei colori, compliementi

  16. 大評判のイククルで素敵な出会いを体験してみませんか?日本最大級なのでメル友、リア友、恋人、ちょっぴり秘密な関係のパートナーもイクヨクルヨならスグに見つかりますよ!

  17. 出合い says:


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