Eternal Motion of the Spirit

Posted by Lisergic Synaesthesiae On Monday, September 20, 2010 23 comments

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23 Responses "Eternal Motion of the Spirit"

  1. Beautiful art.

  2. Nice effect with color.

  3. this photo is fantastic

  4. brattcat says:

    You are wonderfully observant.
    I really like the way you create tension and story in this image with choices in tone and focus.

  5. Cla Leal says:

    Magic!!! Really good work!

  6. Roberto says:

    It is a great work, an invitation to the reflection...

  7. DomLortha says:

    Looks like a ghost waiting on the road. I like this old fashionned treatment: we can imagine a lot of stories.
    Have a nice day.

  8. T. Becque says:

    Brilliant! The effects add to the photo as if looking into the past.

  9. timeless

  10. Anonymous says:

    As nothing can ever hold a spirit, surely an amazing piece of art.

    daily athens

  11. Kaori says:

    Welcome back! How've you been? This photo is so gorgeous. Love the sepia tone :D

  12. Antonia says:


  13. Randy says:

    That is truly wonderful and I love the title.

  14. wow---great pictures and very creativ.
    and fantastic colours.
    i like it.

  15. Barbara says:

    wow superb

  16. Lovely shot

  17. Mulleh says:

    Wow! this is a great photo!

  18. arabesque says:

    beautiful composition! ^0^
    the blurry effect on the b.ground created a clear highlight on the old man.

  19. Anzu says:

    All of us stand halfway up a few dreams.
    Allow yourself to glance back at times.

  20. fabrizio says:

    mi piace, molto intelligente nella presentazione ha quasi un effetto immersivo nel contesto, ottima direi, complimenti

  21. Good old photo. I like it.


    CR LMA

  22. donnie says:

    ecological and cosmopolitan :)

  23. Irene says:

    Great image ... love the treatment!

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