The cat watcher

Posted by Pierrot On Monday, January 30, 2012 5 comments

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5 Responses "The cat watcher"

  1. excellent lighting.

  2. Hurrah!
    happy to find Pierrot come posting again.
    We need to renew our love for this place!

    As Steve said, great lighting and colours.
    This really is a curious building, staying just into the historical
    center of the town, near the town-hall, has this 70's kind of construction
    that, beyond any kind of evaluation, reclaim attentions.

    So, this is a typical glimpse of Lenola: cats, rusty shutters, tricycle car and
    amazing colours!

  3. Dóri says:

    awesome composition!

  4. brattcat says:

    nice little urban slice of life here.

  5. donnie says:

    super pic - so much to see and digest :))

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