honey mouth

Posted by Lenola Daily Photo On Friday, March 13, 2009 13 comments

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13 Responses "honey mouth"

  1. brattcat says:

    Extraordinary photo. Are they mating or dining together?

  2. Pierrot says:

    guess mating, but who knows on that flower what taste are they enjoing...

    greetings brattcat,

  3. Wonderful closeup photo. It's spring so I would like to think they are mating.

    I love your blog and followed you here from Scottsdale DP. I love the look and colors you achieve with your Canon 10D and (photoshop?) post-processing.

  4. Jacob says:

    Truly a gorgeous photograph...like a painting. This one could/should be blown up and hung in a museum!

  5. clueless, this photo is shot with a canon 10d, other photos (we are 2 photographers) are shot with the glorious Olympus, model E410.

    thanks for comments!

    Peace & Freedom

  6. slim says:

    This is a fantastic photo. The background looks like a painting. Well done!

  7. Andrea says:

    love it!!!!!!!!!

  8. Babooshka says:

    Incredible capture.

  9. Saretta says:


  10. B Squared says:

    Very nice capture.

  11. excellent!

  12. This is just breathtaking! The moths are so beautiful! The colour is so vibrant!

  13. very pretty picture. Excellent colors and detail!

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