Powdered Light

Posted by Lenola Daily Photo On Tuesday, March 10, 2009 3 comments

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3 Responses "Powdered Light"

  1. Jacob says:

    Terrific vision of light and dark. What is it?

  2. brattcat says:

    The wonderful cool light really sets the tone for this shot.

  3. It's a private building built, I suppose, during the Nineties.
    Although it was livable in the past, no one has ever lived in it.

    Now, like the building in the previous photo "The Back Side", is going to pot and no one seems to be interested to use it.
    In my opinion, in situations like these, squatting is a right and maybe a duty for every citizen.

    Here in Italy we are submerged by these instances: the result of decades of savage building trade.
    And now, to put right the economic crisis, the government has decided to liberalize the building trade market with horrible consequences for the landscape setting of the country.
    It's coming a new wave of savage monsters of cement...

    Thanks for comments and support!

    Peace & Freedom

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