Dissections II

Posted by Lisergic Synaesthesiae On Sunday, August 01, 2010 17 comments

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17 Responses "Dissections II"

  1. Dave says:

    excellent work here, i like the ray of the sun kissing the wall of those buildings and the moon on the other side adds to the drama.

  2. Beautiful color and depth.

  3. Gorgeous and dramatic work.

  4. T. Becque says:

    Fantastic! The play of light is gorgeous and I like the treatment you've done - really nice choices to enhance this lovely photo.

  5. Iwa says:

    very nice:)

  6. brattcat says:

    This really evokes that moment of pleasure when one returns home...perhaps because the colors are so warm here.

  7. Cla Leal says:

    Another wonderful treatment, another beautiful image! Great colors!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    It must be one of the greatest feelings ever, to know that there is a place one can return to in the evening called home.
    Please have you all a great start into the new month and week.

    daily athens

  9. Thanks for your kind comments on my site. You have some truly fantastic HDR work here. I look forward to seeing more.

  10. arabesque says:

    such wonderful shades.
    i love the play of colors here.
    stunningly done! ^0^

  11. Biana says:

    I love the light in these. Excellent shot!

  12. The light is just beautiful! Who needs brightly colored buildings when you have evening sunlight like that? The tattered, blank canvases of white wall is perfect.

  13. JM says:

    Look at this! Fantastic place and gorgeous work on this image!

  14. Mulleh says:

    beautiful! Love the light, so dramatic! :)

  15. paulboo says:

    Quite simply delightful :o)

  16. Dindin MK says:

    It's magnificent!
    I'm wondering how you produce the picture...

  17. Kaori says:

    Fantastic photo! I love how you positioned the moon :D

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