on the road again

Posted by Pierrot On Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8 comments

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8 Responses "on the road again"

  1. brattcat says:

    And what a road it is! It's grand seeing the world through your lens.

  2. T. Becque says:


  3. Mulleh says:

    love the colors!

  4. Katharina says:

    Beautiful picture!

  5. Pierrot says:

    You butter me up, awake my shyness, thanks a lot, you are really “Ldp-goer” (Brattcat deserve an award ^^ but I’m pleased about the comments of you all). Unfortunately I’ll be busy this period and not in conditions to post frequently as I did until now, hope my Lisergic friend will have an adequate amount of energy to liaise with you!

    Drops and Smiles

  6. Very beautifull image ...

  7. Very beautifull image ...beautiful colors,

  8. betharr says:

    love the treatement to these concret elements
    give them an interesting texture.
    thx for comment in my blog I reaaly appreciated that!

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