the anomalous rainbow overhanging our hamlet

Posted by Pierrot On Tuesday, July 20, 2010 12 comments

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12 Responses "the anomalous rainbow overhanging our hamlet"

  1. Great colors and light! Really artistic.
    Wish you a great evening:-)

  2. fabrizio says:

    la saturazione eccessiva dovuta alla forte luce credo renda perfettamente l'idea del titolo e credo che il risultato sia esattamente quello che si voleva trasmettere nella foto

  3. brattcat says:

    anything could happen under such a sky.

  4. T. Becque says:


  5. J Bar says:

    Amazing effects.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  6. explosive

  7. Kaori says:

    Magnificent! I love how the light hits the town below. Seriously beautiful :D

  8. amazing photo. a great composition of strong and authentic images

  9. Dave says:

    you amazes me with your PP.

  10. Gunn says:

    Unique and quite coooool !!:)

  11. Beautiful shot... good edition.

  12. VP says:

    This is really strange and impressive.

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