rich roof

Posted by Pierrot On Sunday, July 04, 2010 6 comments

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6 Responses "rich roof"

  1. Kaori says:

    I am loving the texture of your photos! Especially this one with the far view of the white houses, too :-)

  2. Pierrot says:

    Thanks a lot Kaory and thanks everyone, now and again, have a look to our blog!
    The texture of this photo is proudly result of Ldp research! Experiment it’s our goal, we decided to don’t give limits to rummage around styles! With the coming of digital, photos turn out to be much more a mixture of “shot” and “post process” than it was before. At least to me this state of things brought through a different move towards the “instant of the shot”…knowing that when you come back at home, after your daily shooting, you don’t bring into being the Camera Obscura, but rather Photoshop and so on.
    Through the post process work, a picture can be enriched actually in thousands ways, often I’m searching the next one, frequently I set up it, regularly I’m going to be lost in bit!!!!

    Don’t be troubled nostalgic photographer…we post traditional photos too!
    We are not cyber yet!

    …or a bit !

  3. JM says:

    This is a terrific angle! Love the rusty colours and the houses peeping in the background.

  4. Pierrot says:

    Ah hahh!
    JM, houses peeping in the background is fantastic!
    Is definetely wath I tried to fix during the shot, the houses up the roof
    in the background are part of the ancient castle in Lenola, once occuped by the king...

    have a nice day!

  5. T. Becque says:

    It's wonderful with rich color and fairytale like lighting.

  6. AB says:

    I love the rusty colours and the way all the slopes are in line

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