dried foot street no. 11 Lenola (LT)

Posted by Pierrot On Monday, July 12, 2010 8 comments

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8 Responses "dried foot street no. 11 Lenola (LT)"

  1. brattcat says:

    This looks like a place where music could be written.

  2. T. Becque says:

    Nice with all the green then the bit of orange. Interesting also to see this architecture; it looks like it's still used?

  3. it looks like an interesting place to hang out. very urban but not urban

  4. Love this old building..
    So much character in it.

  5. Pierrot says:

    Not T. Becque is not used anymore...but it's (as Julie guess) in the middle of a street where people reside in, even if in the picture it appears like far in the country :)
    Nice to write music in a place like that brattcat!, musicians should take you suggestion seriously!
    I’m just taking my preliminary lessons of piano, a bit late, but never say never. When I’ll buy my own piano some day I’ll close myself inside a place like that to write my piece of music for you ;-) have a nice time. Never enough thanks for all of you!

  6. Kaori says:

    Amazing how you can take an old building and turn it into a beautiful scene in your photo!

  7. donnie says:

    great - i love overgrown houses - especially the gates

  8. Lovely place!!!

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